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About Our Company

'HI-Tech Solutions' is a well established Installer and Reseller of All types of Security Systems and CCTV allied products. Hi-Tech Solutions' registerd office at Kannur Near the Malabar Gold. We offer 12x7 Customer support at the region of North Kerala.

We provide the best of Access control, Biometric Time and Attendance, EPABX, HD CCTV Surveillance, Networking and Smart Home Security.CCTV surveillance is one amongst the best ways to make certain your business and residence is protected. The protection surveillance systems are wide accepted by firms and residences with the explicit goal of reducing the illicit activities happening in the society.

An honest closed-circuit television has all the cameras positioned within the right locations that solely involve within the correct surveillance. It improves productivity and potency of the business. The employment of the protection surveillance during a business atmosphere should be done logically inside the workplace to make sure that the conduct and activities of the staffs are maintained on an honest level. Each and every minute is captured throughout.